Frequently asked questions

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General questions

The Bezec4Me platform was created in response to the changes caused by the corona virus worldwide and the desire to continue living as we are accustomed to with minimal adaptation.

Downloading and using Bezec4Me is FREE. Appointments are instant and possible at any time of the day. 

Services of hairdressers, beauticians, health institutions, various services, vehicle registration agencies, gyms, veterinarians are offered in one place, and courses, private lessons are also available…

Using one Bezec4Me application, you schedule appointments for different services.

Bezec4Me is a new service, which currently works in larger cities in Serbia, but we will do our best to provide it in your area as well.

Customer questions

Ukoliko tražite Vašu omiljenu uslugu, na početnoj stranici Bezec4Me možete uneti naziv pružaoca usluge i direktno preći na njihovu ponudu..

If you want to view different offers, start from the main page and search for salons by city and/or type of service you want. You can further search for services by entering the name of the desired service in the search field, in order to get to the desired service as quickly as possible.

When you find a service provider that interests you, choose the service / treatment from the price list, choose one of the available appointments and that's it 🙂 You just scheduled your appointment!

Svi termini su automatski prihvaćeni. Ukoliko postoji bilo kakav razlog da se Vaš termin pomeri ili otkaže, pružaoc uslugeće Vas kontaktirati.

Of course, in the menu, select My appointments, in the Scheduled appointments section, all appointments you have scheduled are displayed. Pressing the X icon allows you to cancel the appointment at any time. If you cancel an appointment, please do so as soon as possible, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.

If you have to cancel an appointment at the last minute, please call and inform the service provider.

To change the appointment, please notify your service provider or cancel the scheduled appointment with one click and choose a new one.

Booking reminders are sent by PUSH message 24 hours and 2 hours before the visit. These messages are completely free.

Payment is made exclusively at the service provider after the service, according to the price list.

You can pay for all services in cash or by card (depending on the provider's capabilities).  

If the provider has the opportunity, they will offer you to pay by scanning the IPS QR code of the National Bank of Serbia and the banking application of your bank.

You can see all the information about the service provider by choosing it.

During the scheduling process, enter this information in the Note field. We definitely recommend that you reiterate on arrival any important information that the employee needs to know about the best and safest treatment.

We want each of our users to enjoy their appointment with our partners. If all users share their impressions and ratings, everyone can also use the experiences of others when choosing services, and our partners will receive valuable feedback to further improve their services. It’s a great way to compliment our partners or give a suggestion.

After the service, hopefully pleasant. From the menu, select My Appointments, in the Completed Appointments section, click the Rate button. Rate the salon by choosing stars 1-5 and enter your comment. Your comment will be published on their page. Bezec4Me publishes all user impressions, except in rare cases if the content is in conflict with the Terms of Service.

In the desire to cooperate with the best partners, it occasionally happens that they make mistakes or that some misunderstanding occurs. If you think that you did not receive the expected level of service or that you were charged more or have any other objections to their work or staff, the best time to complain is while you are still on the spot, because that way your complaint will be resolved the fastest. Try to talk to the owner or manager - most problems can be solved immediately.

If you are still not satisfied, contact us at from:

  • appointment details:
    • who is the service provider
    • Date and time of provided service,
  • description of the problem and
  • the provider's response to your complaint

and we will do everything in our power to solve the problem.

If you are dissatisfied with the service of the Bezec4Me service, we kindly ask you to contact us at

Business partner questions

Welcome! Joining the Bezec4Me service is quick, easy and free and is performed within the mobile application. Select the Business User option on the first page and the Registration screen on the next screen. Fill in the required information and get to work.

You should enter details about the owner or the person doing business on behalf of the owner. Based on your data, you will receive information about changes in the application and you will be able to manage your profile in the application.

Bezec4Me is a software for displaying free appointments and service providers can update their offer and free appointments in real time at any time. If you still notice any inaccuracies, please let us know at to respond in a timely manner to a potential problem.

Select in the Service list menu, add a new one or correct already entered services.

Can I assign a team member to a specific service?

Yes, when forming your price list. You need to add one or more team members to each service.

Each time your client adds a note for you when booking the service, this information will be an integral part of the appointment and available in the details of the appointment.

Select a reservation from your calendar to view appointment details. From there you will have the option to call, view appointment details, Client History, change appointments or cancel. If you have enabled to have multiple clients in the same term, you will first see a list of all clients in the selected term. You can contact customers directly from the app.

Booking reminders are sent by PUSH message 24 hours and 2 hours before the visit. These messages are completely free.

Of course, in the overview of your services, each service contains the fields duration of service and time between services (intended for rest or cleaning, preparation). The client is shown only the duration of the service, and when forming the matrix of free terms, we will extend the occupancy in relation to the sum (duration + preparation).

If you need time for a meeting or lunch, you can add that time to your calendar just as you would make a new appointment. Just select "Unavailability" and the duration so that customers can't book you during that time period.

Bezec4Me allows you to schedule an all-day vacation for you and your staff.

U meniju izaberite „Raspored“ izaberite člana Vašeg tima. Odaberite datum kada planirate da budete na odmoru ili van posla i izaberite jednu od opcija „Slobodan dan“ ili „Na odmoru“. Klijenti će videti istu poruku i neće moći da zakažu termin tokom ovog perioda.

Of course. Upon registration, customers are informed as part of the acceptance of the Terms of Use that cancellation in the application is free and available at any time before the booked appointment is made. However, we recommend that the cancellation be made at least 24 hours before the booked date, and if this is not possible, it is necessary to contact the service provider in person, as an act of a conscientious client.

The client cannot transfer the appointment on his own, he needs to call you and ask you to do so.

Yes, of course, but we advise you not to do this without prior agreement with your client when a new appointment suits them. When choosing a reserved date below the details, you have the option of calling the client directly to the registered phone number.

Upon agreement, Select a customer reservation from your calendar to display appointment details. Select the option to switch appointments, you will be shown a calendar with free appointments, select a new date or appointment in the same way as you would schedule a new appointment.

Your customer will receive a PUSH message about this change and a new reservation will be marked in the calendar.