Bezec4Me allows you to schedule an appointment for any service provided by our business partners.

Don't wait, make an appointment at any time with your phone.
Find a salon where you regulary go, or look for the best rated or closest to you.
Choose a doctor or practice, the best specialists in your city are available for you
Make an appointment at dentist of your choice
The best services of veterinarians, groomers, walkers...
Car Technical
Technical inspection, service,tire replacement, car wash and other services for your car

Bezec4.Me for users

Bezec4Me leads users to the highest quality service providers, regardless of the business in which they operate. It provides free insight into the complete offer, all promotions and discounts in one place, comparative prices, instant display of free terms and price lists of services, just at the moment when it suits you and a reminder of. You can also publicly evaluate the services provided and express your personal opinion, as well as cancel your appointment. It saves time, combines the offer of services in various activities. In just a few moments you can schedule a trip to the gym, to the hairdresser and e.g. check-up with a doctor, instead of making three phone calls that would certainly last a few minutes each. For faster and more efficient appointments, in just a few clicks, download your free Bezec4Me app from Google Play or the Apple Store.


download your free Bezec4.Me app from Google Play or the Apple Store

One application

The services of hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, health care institutions, various services, vehicle registration agencies, gyms, veterinarians are offered in one place, and courses, private lessons, are also available.

Receive notifications

for each appointment you will be notified one day and 2 hours before it happens

Add your comment

after the service has been performed. Your comment will improve the service provider's business and help other users make new choices

Scheduling and cancellation

appointments in a few steps is instantaneous and enabled in any time of day

Bezec4.Me for your business

Take advantage of the promotional period in the next 3 months, join us and use all the benefits of the Bezec4Me platform for free. Be part of a unique network that allows you to schedule services in a variety of activities in one place. Your offer does not have to limit working hours. Bezec4Me will make the reservation of your services available 24/7.

The Bezec4Me platform enables quick and easy scheduling of appointments for services. It monitors your business on a daily basis, with statistical and financial reports. Organizes and controls the dates and offer of services. In this way, your calendar is filled in 24 hours, the possibility of human error is practically ruled out, and you relieve employees of administrative duties and allow them to dedicate themselves to work and clients.

Keep existing ones and be available to new customers. By automatically reminding the user of the time of the scheduled service, you achieve a high percentage of utilization of terms and reduce the possibility of non-appearance of customers.

We provide you with the opportunity to enable payment to your customers via IPS QR payment operations of the National Bank of Serbia, without the use of cards. 

Automatic reminder

reminding clients to come to an appointment and reducing client absences.

Maintain and expand

your current customers and expand with new customers.


term utilization, increase the productivity of your business


Review of complete statistical and financial reports.​